Unverified Users Now Eligible for Worldcoin WLD Token Reservation

13. August 2023 Von admin Aus

Worldcoin Extends WLD Reservation Access

• Worldcoin, a crypto project with an iris-scanning database for human identification, is now allowing unverified users to reserve their tokens.
• The World App has a reservations feature that makes it easier for everyone to participate in the global economy.
• The Worldcoin initiative has faced regulatory obstacles and investigations in multiple countries.

What is Worldcoin?

Worldcoin is an ambitious project launched on July 24th after three years of development, aiming to establish a comprehensive global database for human identification. It consists of three components: the Worldcoin ID, the Worldcoin App, and the native token (WLD). Individuals can generate a biometrically-based ID system by using the Orb device and be rewarded with WLD tokens in return. The main goal of this project is to provide users with a digital identity that is unique from automated bots in an AI-dominated online landscape.

Reservations Feature

The new reservations feature allows users to secure their WLD tokens without needing immediate verification of their World ID. Reservations are valid for 12 months during which users can redeem their reserved tokens through the utilization of the Orb device mentioned earlier. This advancement simplifies the process of reserving tokens for a wider user base than before.

Regulatory Pushback

Despite gaining over 2 million customers prior to its public launch, post-launch response from users regarding this project has been relatively subdued due to regulatory pushback from multiple countries such as Kenya, Argentina, and the United Kingdom. These governments have raised alarm over data collection methods used by Worldcoin such as collecting sensitive identification data like iris scans in exchange for a digital ID – leading them to suspend or investigate the project further due to concerns about privacy and security measures taken by it.


Overall, despite some initial regulatory pushbacks against it from certain governments around the world; Worldcoin’s ambition remains strong as they continue offering access to their reservations feature even for unverified users who do not necessarily need immediate verification of their IDs while simultaneously addressing potential future difficulties in distinguishing real humans from AI-powered bots online.